CY15G-Spiral Bevel Gear Grinding Machine

Product Introduction:
CY15G is a seven-axis five-linkage gear grinding machine, which can grind various spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears of arc shrinkage teeth by the expansion method. Under the normal machining conditions of the machine tool, the grinding accuracy reaches the 5-level accuracy specified in the accuracy standard of GB/T11365-1989 bevel gears and hypoid gears, and the tooth surface roughness reaches Ra0.8.

Technical parameters:

Specification nameValue
Use the grinding wheel diameter rangeΦ(1.1~4)″
Diamond roller diameter rangeφ(0.55~1.99)″
Number of teeth1~200
Grinding wheel centering cylinder size installed on grinding wheel spindle (mm)Φ25.15mm
Machine size L*W*H(mm)2650*2350*2300
Total machine power (Kw)50
Net Weight (Kg)7000
Floor area of the whole machine(mm2)5200*3200

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