CNC Forming Gear Grinding Machine–P100K-Cylindrical Gear Processing Machine Tool

Product Introduction
With the rapid development of marine engineering, ships, locomotives, wind power, military and other industries, the demand for key equipment for large-scale transmission gear precision and efficient grinding is increasing day by day.
P100K CNC forming gear grinding machine, using forming method grinding, the accuracy reaches GB level 3 or above, and the efficiency is significantly improved. The key technologies of machine tool breakthroughs include: high rigidity, high precision, high reliability design technology, moving column micro-feed, table rotation, positioning and locking, machine tool thermal deformation control technology, machine tool grinding expert system development, machine tool on-machine measurement and comprehensive error compensation technology development, machine tool without additional sensor detection and early warning and fault diagnosis technology, fast remote diagnosis technology.

Standard features
Forming method grinds cylindrical gears
Equipped with cylindrical gear machining control software integrated in the 840Dsl CNC system
Grinding wheel dressing function
Independent grinding oil cooling filtration
Oil mist separation with monitoring alarm
Fault prompt with help system
Automatic margin assignment function
In-line measurement
Software features:
Task management
Wheel magazine management
Tooth direction modification
Distortion compensation
Tooth shape modification
Error compensation
Automatic tool setting
The cooling flow rate is automatically adjusted
AE Knife Pairing
AE anti-collision
On-line balancing
In-line measurement
Constant linear grinding
Manual extinguishing of fires

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