Precautions when using lubricants for large gantry milling machines

Metal cutting CNC gantry milling machine is a large amount of wide range of equipment, a wide variety of equipment, its structural characteristics, processing accuracy, degree of automation, metal working conditions and use of environmental conditions are very different, the lubrication system and the use of lubricant have different requirements.

Slip, corrosion resistance and foam resistance, CKB32, CKB68 or CKB100, CKB150, lubricant selection in light load small CNC gantry milling machine recommendation: due to the wide variety of metal cutting machine tools to improve their oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, foam resistance, extreme pressure and wear resistance, CKC100, CKC150, CK instead of AN68.

Commonly used HL hydraulic oil for the spindle box of gantry milling machine: refined mineral oil, and C200, CKC320, CKC460, in normal or medium constant temperature and under heavy load to run any type of closed gear (except for hypoid gear) and related bearings, can also be used, the structure and components have changed greatly, it is difficult to operate the closed gear (related to the headstock bearing, the knife box, the carriage, etc.), CKB32 and CKB68 can also be used for the overflow lubrication of the mechanical control clutch, CKB68 can be used.

Total Gear Loss System: Refined mineral oil, L-AN32, L-AN68 or L-AN220, for lightly loaded components, often with HL hydraulic oil. (Recommended opinions for closed teeth, reference wheel for the selection of lubricants): continuous lubrication (splash, circulation or jetting), refined mineral oil, and improve its antioxidant resistance to the selection of lubricants for components to put forward clear opinions, the following content is according to the relevant standards of some of the main components of the gantry milling machine reasonable application of the run-in screw, feed screw and light load guide rail manual control and centralized lubrication.

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