Phenomenon and test of battery or power failure of CNC machine tools

The sudden power failure of a CNC machine tool or the failure of the battery and its charging circuit of the RAM memory, resulting in abnormal output or no output, will lead to the loss or confusion of the programs or parameters stored in the RAM, the corresponding failure phenomena are: the machine tool does not operate, misoperation, out of control, multiple alarm shutdown or non-alarm shutdown, etc.

Generally, the corresponding DC voltage stop of the multimeter can be used to measure the output of the battery.When the output voltage is abnormal or there is no output, there are different causes for different situations.:
1) There has been a sudden power failure or a long-term failure of the machine tool. The cause is the loss of power in the battery charging circuit.
2) For machine tools that have been idle for a long time, you need to use a multimeter to track the measurement method to check.It may be caused by poor contact caused by oxidation and corrosion in the battery charging circuit, and the input of the charging circuit is not normal.
3) Old machine tools need to consider that the battery life has arrived and needs to be replaced.
Note: Battery replacement must generally be carried out when the system is powered on.Poor contact with the battery during installation should be avoided.

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