Personnel quality requirements

The quality of maintenance personnel directly determines the maintenance efficiency and effect. In order to quickly and accurately determine the cause of the fault, handle it promptly and effectively, and restore the movement, function and accuracy of the machine tool, maintenance personnel of CNC machine tools should possess the following basic conditions.

⑴ Have a wide range of knowledge. Since CNC machine tools are usually processing equipment that integrates mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc., the various parts of the machine tool are closely related. Failure of any one part will affect the failure of other parts. normal work. The first step in CNC machine tool maintenance is to determine the real cause and location of the fault as soon as possible based on the fault phenomenon. This is the quality that maintenance personnel must possess, but at the same time it also places high demands on maintenance personnel. It requires CNC Machine tool maintenance personnel must not only master the basic knowledge and basic theories of mechanics and electrical, but also be familiar with the structure and design ideas of machine tools, and the performance of CNC machine tools. Only in this way can they quickly find out the cause of the fault and determine where the fault lies. , In addition, in order to conduct on-site surveying and mapping of certain circuits and parts, maintenance personnel should also have certain engineering drawing capabilities.

⑵ Be good at thinking. The structure of CNC machine tools is complex and the connections between various parts are close. The fault is widespread. And in some cases. The phenomenon reflected by the fault is not necessarily the root cause of the fault. Maintenance personnel must analyze the failure phenomenon of the machine tool through the process of failure, analyze various possible causes from the outside to the inside, see the essence through the phenomenon, and quickly find out the root cause of the failure and eliminate it.

In layman’s terms, CNC machine tool maintenance personnel should, in a sense, “use their brains more and be careful with their hands” and avoid jumping to conclusions and replacing components every month. Especially modules of CNC systems and printed circuit boards

⑶ Pay attention to the accumulation of urgent problems. The maintenance speed of CNC machine tools depends to a large extent on the accumulation of daily experience. The more problems the maintenance personnel have encountered and solved, the richer their maintenance experience will be. Although there are many types of CNC machine tools with different systems, their basic working processes and principles are the same. Therefore, after the maintenance personnel solve a certain fault, they should promptly summarize and summarize the maintenance process and processing methods. Form a written record for future reference for similar fault repairs. Especially for problems that are difficult to solve on your own and are eventually repaired and solved by fellow technicians or experts, you should carefully observe and record them carefully in order to improve them. This accumulates over time to achieve the purpose of improving one’s own level and quality.

⑷ Be good at learning. As CNC machine tool maintenance personnel, you must not only focus on analysis and accumulation, but also be diligent in learning and be good at learning. CNC machine tools, especially CNC systems, usually have a lot of manual content, including operation, programming, connection, installation and debugging, maintenance manuals, function descriptions, PLC programming, etc. These manuals and stolen materials range from hundreds of thousands of words. There are tens of millions of words, and it is not possible to fully grasp all the contents of the system. During actual repairs, it is usually impossible for people to have too much time to study the instructions comprehensively and systematically.

Therefore, as a maintenance personnel, you must fully understand the structure, content, and scope of the system manual just like you understand the structure of the machine tool and system. According to actual needs, you must carefully read some key chapters related to maintenance, clarify your ideas, grasp the key points, and avoid being too detailed. Looking for a needle in a haystack and no where to start.

⑸ Possess foreign language foundation and professional foreign language foundation. Although the number of domestic manufacturers of CNC machine tools has been increasing day by day, the key part of CNC machine tools – CNC system still mainly relies on imports, and its supporting instructions and information often use the original text. Alarm text display of CNC system Most of them are in foreign languages. In order to quickly confirm the cause of the fault and speed up the maintenance process according to the system prompts and the information provided in the machine tool manual, as a maintenance personnel, it is best to have professional foreign language reading skills and improve foreign language proficiency in order to analyze and deal with problems.

⑹ Be able to skillfully operate machine tools and use maintenance instruments. The maintenance of CNC machine tools is inseparable from practical operations, especially during the maintenance process. Maintenance personnel usually have to enter special operating modes that ordinary operators cannot perform. For example: setting and adjusting machine tool parameters through computer and software online debugging using PLC programmer monitoring, etc. In addition, in order to analyze and determine the cause of the fault, it is often necessary to prepare corresponding processing procedures during the maintenance process, and conduct necessary operating tests and trial cutting of the workpiece on the machine tool. Therefore, in a sense, a high-level maintenance personnel should have a higher level of operating machine tools than operators, and the ability to use programming instructions should be stronger than programmers.

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