Machine shutdown steps

Machine shutdown steps:

(1) Check that the light in the CYCLE SRART button should go out.

(2) If there is an external device, turn off the power of the external device first.

(3) Press the emergency stop button on the operation panel.

(4) Press the CNC POWER OFF button on the operation panel, and the CNC will be powered off.

(5) Turn off the main power supply (pull down the air switch)

(6) Lock the start control switch of the main power supply. Note: This machine tool has a door-opening power-off function: The lower part of the electrical box of this machine tool is equipped with a door-opening power-off protection switch. Under normal working conditions, when the electrical box door is opened, the main power switch will automatically trip. If the door is not closed tightly, the main power supply cannot be turned on. switch. If you need to open the door to connect the main power supply, you must first pull out the switch handle and then close the main power switch.

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