Issues that should be paid attention to when using CNC machine tools

1. Improve the overall quality of operators

The use of CNC machine tools is more difficult than using ordinary machine tools, because CNC machine tools are typical mechatronics products, which involve a wider range of knowledge, that is, the operator should have broader professional knowledge in machinery, electricity, hydraulics, gas, etc. , so the quality requirements for operators are very high.

2. Follow correct operating procedures

No matter what kind of machine tool it is, it has its own set of operating procedures. This is not only one of the important measures to ensure the safety of operators, but also an important measure to ensure equipment safety, product quality, etc. The user must operate it correctly in accordance with the operating procedures. If the machine tool is used for the first time or has not been used for a long time, it should be idle for a few minutes. Pay attention to the order and precautions of turning on and off the machine during use.

3. Create a good usage environment

Because CNC machine tools contain a large number of electronic components, they are most afraid of direct sunlight, moisture, dust, vibration, etc., which can cause corrosion and deterioration of electronic components or cause short circuits between components, causing the machine tool to operate abnormally. The operating environment of CNC machine tools should be kept clean, dry, constant temperature, and vibration-free. The power supply should maintain a stable voltage, and generally only ±10% fluctuation is allowed.

4. Increase the operating rate of machine tools as much as possible

Newly purchased CNC machine tools should be put into use as soon as possible. The failure rate of the equipment is relatively high in the early stages of use. Users should make full use of the machine tool during the warranty period to expose its weak links as early as possible and solve them during the warranty period. When there is a lack of production tasks, it cannot be idle. It must be powered on regularly and run dry for about an hour each time. The heat generated when the machine tool is running is used to remove or reduce the humidity inside the machine.

5. Treat machine tool failures calmly

Some faults will inevitably occur during the use of the machine tool. At this time, the operator should treat it calmly and not blindly deal with it to avoid more serious consequences. The operator should pay attention to retaining the scene and truthfully explain the situation before and after the fault when the maintenance personnel come, and Participate in joint analysis of problems and troubleshooting as early as possible. If the fault is due to operational reasons, the operator should learn from experience in time to avoid making the same mistake again next time.

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