Interference factors that are likely to exist in CNC machine tools in the workshop and anti-interference measures

1. Electromagnetic interference

The power supply of electric sparks, medium- and high-frequency electric heating equipment will produce strong electromagnetic waves, which will propagate through space and be accepted by nearby CNC systems. If the energy is sufficient, it will interfere with the normal operation of CNC machine tools. (stay away from these devices)

2. Power supply line interference

Ø Input voltage overvoltage or undervoltage causes power alarm and shutdown.

Ø Error messages caused by power waveform distortion can cause the CPU to stop running.

3. Signal transmission interference

Ø Series mode interference—interference voltage is superimposed on the useful signal.

Ø Common mode interference—the interference voltage on two or more signal lines is equal in magnitude and phase.

4. Anti-interference measures

1. Reduce interference from power supply lines

2. Reduce interference in machine tool control

3. Shielding technology (electromagnetic, electrostatic shielding)

The signal lines are shielded wires (copper mesh), and the key components or components are passed through iron snakeskin tubes or iron pipes and are shielded by metal containers.

4. Ensure good “grounding”

“Grounding” is a key anti-interference technical measure in the installation of CNC machine tools. Many interferences from the power grid will affect the machine tool through “grounding”.

Grounding requirements: The grounding must be reliable (the grounding resistance should be less than 100 ohms), and the grounding wire must be thick (should be larger than the cross-sectional area of the power cord).

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