Integral impeller machining CNC programming

When performing five-coordinate machining programming, machining strategy division is very important for product quality, especially when CNC programming of complex products has higher requirements. The overall impeller is subjected to five-coordinate high-speed milling. The roughing and finishing milling methods and tool path strategies, the reasonable arrangement of the roughing and finishing process margins, the cutting process parameters machining step distance, machining depth, spindle speed, machine tool feed, etc. are crucial to the selection. Improving the processing efficiency and quality of products is crucial.

Based on experience, the five-coordinate cutting process parameters can be scientifically tested, summarized and selected through orthogonal experiments and other methods for different processing product objects, different materials, tool shank tools, and cutting methods. Table 2 shows a comparison of the high-speed cutting process parameters and processing conditions of an aluminum alloy.

As shown in Figure 5, an integral impeller is processed on the FIDIAKR215 five-coordinate high-speed milling center according to the processing sequence of three-axis milling roughing displacement, five-axis flow channel displacement, five-axis blade fine milling, and five-axis flow channel finishing milling. Examples of cutting of this product and its product processing. Table 2 shows the comparison of different cutting process parameters in high-speed cutting of aluminum alloys.

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