Inspection of the performance of CNC machine tools and the functions of CNC systems

The performance and CNC functions of CNC machine tools directly reflect the performance indicators of CNC machine tools, and affect the correctness and reliability of the operation of CNC machine tools.
1.Machine tool performance Machine tool performance mainly includes the performance of the spindle system, the performance of the feed system, the automatic tool change system, electrical equipment, safety equipment, lubrication equipment, gas-liquid equipment and ancillary equipment.
The inspection items of different types of machine tools are different.The inspection of the performance of CNC machine tools is basically the same as that of ordinary machine tools. It is mainly through “hearing, seeing” and trial operation to check whether the moving parts and auxiliary devices have abnormal phenomena and noise during start-up, stop and operation, and whether the lubrication system, cooling system, and fans are working normally.
2.CNC function The function of the CNC system varies with the type of machine tool equipped. The inspection and acceptance of the CNC function shall be in accordance with the manual of the CNC system equipped with the machine tool and the provisions of the order contract, and the main functions that the machine tool should have should be tested manually or by program.
The main contents of CNC function inspection are:
(1) The motion command function verifies the correctness of the fast movement command, the linear interpolation, and the arc interpolation command.
(2) Prepare the command function to verify the accuracy of coordinate system selection, plane selection, pause, tool length compensation, tool radius compensation, pitch error compensation, reverse gap compensation, mirror function, automatic acceleration and deceleration, fixed cycle and user macro program instructions.
(3) The operation function checks the accuracy of functions such as return to the origin, one-way sequence, program segment skipping, spindle and feed magnification adjustment, feed retention, emergency stop, spindle and coolant start and stop.
(4) The CRT display function checks the accuracy of functions such as location display, program display, menu display, and editing and modification. The best way to check the CNC function is to compile a machine test program by yourself, so that the machine tool can run continuously and automatically for 16h or 32h under no load.The examination procedure may include the following:
(1) The rotation of the spindle should include forward, reverse and stop operation at more than five speeds, including the nominal minimum, intermediate and maximum speeds.
(2) The movement of each coordinate should include the nominal minimum, intermediate and maximum feed speed and fast movement. The feed movement range should be close to the full stroke, and the fast movement distance should be within 1/2 of the full stroke of each coordinate axis.
(3) Some functions and codes used in general automatic processing should be used as much as possible
(4) Automatic tool change, at least one-third or more of the tool numbers in the tool magazine should be exchanged, and all tool holders with medium weight or more must be installed for actual exchange.
(5) Special functions that must be used, such as measurement functions, APC exchange, and user macro programs, are used to test the continuous operation of the machine program to check the stability and reliability of the various movements and movements of the machine tool, and to emphasize that failure is not allowed within the specified time, otherwise the specified time assessment should be restarted after repair, and it is not allowed to accumulate in segments to the specified running time.
3.Continuous air operation
4.Appearance quality of machine tool

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