How to locate and install CNC machine tools when machining parts

1. 1) Strive for the unification of design benchmarks, process benchmarks, and programming calculation benchmarks.
2) Minimize the number of clamping times, and process all the surfaces to be processed after one positioning and clamping as much as possible.
3) Avoid the use of manual adjustment of the processing plan by occupying the machine so that the efficiency of the CNC machine tool can be fully utilized.
2. The basic principles of choosing a fixture
The characteristics of CNC machining put forward two requirements for the fixture: one is to ensure that the coordinate direction of the fixture and the coordinate direction of the machine tool are relatively fixed; the other is to coordinate the dimensional relationship between the parts and the machine tool coordinate system.In addition, the following points should be considered:
1) When the parts processing batch is not large, combined fixtures, adjustable fixtures or other general fixtures should be used as much as possible to shorten the production preparation time and save production costs.
2) Only consider using special fixtures when producing in batches.
3) The loading and unloading of parts should be fast, convenient and reliable to shorten the pause time of CNC machine tools.
4) The parts on the fixture should be so as not to interfere with the processing of the surfaces of the parts by the machine tool.The fixture should be open, and the components of its positioning and clamping mechanism cannot affect the operation of the tool in the processing.

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