How to debug and accept CNC lathes

At present, my country’s industrial level is constantly improving, the quality requirements for processed products are getting higher and higher, and more and more large-scale CNC lathes are being introduced, so the commissioning and acceptance of CNC lathes is particularly important.

CNC lathe is an automated turning machine tool equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions, decode them, express them with coded numbers, and input them into the numerical control device through the information carrier.

Debugging turning machine tools:

1. The lathe machine tool is in place and placed in the correct position according to the location and position specified by the customer.

2. Place the mattress feet of the lathe square machine in place, wipe the lathe square machine tool clean, and adjust the level.

3. Fill the hydraulic oil tank, lubricating oil tank, and guide rail of the lathe machine tool with lubricating oil of the corresponding label and quantity, and add cutting coolant to the water tank of the lathe machine tool.

4. According to the rated power of the machine tool, install the corresponding power supply, and install the voltage regulator and ground wire of the machine tool.

5. Adjust the forward and reverse rotation of the spindle of the machine tool, and check whether the switch buttons and functions of the machine tool are normal.

The acceptance shall be inspected according to the technical parameters at the time of leaving the factory:

1. Check whether the machine tool parts and technical parameters meet the requirements.

2. Is the machine tool operating normally?

3. Check whether the accuracy meets the requirements.

4. Keep pre-inspection and acceptance records.

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