High-speed five-axis milling of aircraft engine casings

The key parts of the aircraft engine include the casing, various blades and the blisk.

There are three types of aircraft engine casings:

1. Split ring structure,

2. Overall ring structure,

3. Special-shaped shell.

The casing material is a high-strength titanium alloy material that is difficult to process and resistant to high temperatures. The receiver is a thin-walled, weakly rigid structure with complex shapes, high precision requirements, and difficult processing.

The casing is a large part. The diameter of the casing of an aeroengine with a thrust of 15,000 kg is φ800mm. The overall dimensions of the large fan casing of a large aircraft are φ1823.5mmx546mm, and the wall thickness at the thinnest point is 3mm. Therefore, casing processing requires medium and large multi-functional, high-precision CNC machine tools.

For example, CNC vertical lathes and precision CNC vertical lathes with a diameter of φ2000mm; a gantry-type five-axis linkage machining center with a workbench size of 2400mm × 5000mm must have dual stations, online measurement and simulation functions, and a tool magazine with a capacity of about 60 tools , CNC system with advanced programming functions, a gantry CNC boring and milling machine with a workbench of 3000mm×5000mm.

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