High-precision grinding of large-diameter thin-walled intermediate sleeves

In the trailer-type concrete pump truck, there is a typical large-diameter thin-walled part – the intermediate sleeve. The inner hole diameter is 202mm, the outer diameter is 212mm, the wall thickness is only 5mm, and the shape and position of the various dimensions of the part are The accuracy requirements are high, the outer surface roughness Ra is required to be 0.4µm, and the outer roundness error is required to be less than 0.010mm. Due to the thin wall thickness of the part, if no measures are taken when grinding the outer circle, the workpiece will often be greatly deformed due to clamping force, grinding force, grinding heat, internal stress, etc., and the parts cannot be guaranteed. The processing quality is to reduce the deformation of parts.


The Japanese NVGⅡ series dual-spindle CNC vertical compound grinder provided by Lansheng Company provides a good solution.

1. One clamping can complete the inner diameter, outer diameter, end face and other processes.


2. High precision.

Roundness: Φ120mm inner diameter: 0.65μm; Φ160mm outer diameter: 0.45μm; Φ170mm outer diameter: 0.55μm. Cylindricity Φ120mm inner diameter: 1.5μm; Φ170mm outer diameter: 1.5μm. Coaxiality Φ120mm, Φ170mm: 0.85μm. Surface roughness: 120mm inner diameter: 1.16μm Rz; Φ170mm outer diameter: 1.80μm Rz.


3. High efficiency

Equipped with a turret-type grinding wheel, which can be driven by a large coupling and servo motor for 3-speed positioning. By using a high-rigidity special external grinding spindle, stable and super grinding performance can be exerted, and the bevel grinding wheel greatly improves the efficiency of end face processing.

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