High-precision grinding of bevel gears by CNC vertical grinder

Bevel gears are bevel gears, which are used for transmission between intersecting shafts. Bevel gears have the characteristics of smooth transmission, low noise and large load-bearing capacity, and are used in high-speed and heavy-load applications. The curved bevel gear transmission operates smoothly, the transmission power can reach 3700 kilowatts, and the peripheral speed can reach more than 40 meters/second.


The Japanese NVGⅡ series dual-spindle CNC vertical compound grinder provided by Lansheng Company is a high-precision and high-performance vertical grinder. One-time clamping realizes high-precision grinding of the inner circle, outer circle, and end face of the gear umbrella, which not only ensures the processing accuracy, but also reduces the time for installing workpieces, reduces manufacturing costs, and improves work efficiency and product quality.

Here is the data of a gear umbrella manufacturer’s processing case. The processing material is SCM series. The size of the original gear umbrella is an inner diameter of 460mm, an outer diameter of 700mm, and a processing height of 100mm. After the workpiece is processed, the inner circle is 400mm and the outer diameter is 400mm. The circle is 630mm, the processing height is 75mm; the roughness can reach 3μm for inner circle, 6μm for flatness and 17μm for right angle. The above data proves that Japan’s NVGⅡ CNC vertical compound grinder is a rare high-precision grinder on the market. Its biggest advantage is that it is a dual-spindle grinder, which can save more than half of the working time when processing workpieces.

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