Grinding compound machine tools

1. Grinding center

Generally developed based on CNC cylindrical grinding machine. Two main technical measures are usually adopted for this purpose;

(1) The workpiece spindle is switched to an electric spindle with C-axis control and locking functions;

(2) The grinding wheel headstock adopts a double sliding table and a turret-type grinding wheel headstock with B-axis swing function to install more than two grinding wheels (if suitable for external and internal grinding, suitable for end face grinding) (for cutting and forming grinding, etc.) to meet the needs of different grinding processes. Since CNC cylindrical grinders generally have the Z-axis function to control the left and right movement of the worktable and the X-axis function to move the grinding wheel headstock forward and backward, after the rotary body is clamped once on the machine tool, it can not only grind the outer circle, inner circle, Shoulder end faces, etc., you can also use the C-axis control function of the workpiece axis to grind flat and polygonal surfaces on the outer surface of the workpiece; grind various circular and non-circular surfaces through the linkage control of the X-axis and C-axis ; Thread grinding is controlled through the linkage of the C-axis and Z-axis; the B-axis swing of the grinding wheel headstock is used to grind conical surfaces with various tapers, etc.

2. Turning-grinding composite processing machine tools

Generally based on the application of modern CNC lathes, it was developed to adapt to the processing requirements of certain hardened rotary body parts, such as spindles, transmission gears, bearing rings and other disk sleeve parts. For this purpose, CNC lathes are usually equipped with high-speed CBN grinding wheel grinding units and corresponding grinding measurement and control systems. For example, the inverted lathe-grinding composite machining center (picture) exhibited by EMAG is an example. The spindle (with workpiece) headstock of the EMAG inverted turning-grinding compound processing machine tool is located above and performs X- and Z-axis movements. The bottom of the spindle end is equipped with a turret tool holder that can install turning tools and grinding wheel spindles. They are only used for indexing. By rotating without moving, the machine tool can complete the turning process like an ordinary CNC lathe, and can also complete the grinding process like an ordinary CNC cylindrical grinder. Mainly used for processing hardened disk and sleeve parts.

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