Germany Benzinger 5-axis glass processing center 5@work

Product introduction

The 5 @work is a 5-axis machining center developed for the special requirements of the watch and jewelry industry.

Due to its design and spindle configuration, this 5-axis machining center offers a great deal of freedom and possibilities that are not possible with conventional milling centers. Whether rings, bracelets, jewelry or watch parts, any surface is diamond milled, engraved, twisted, faceted, etc., or in combination with our FourC, the stones are set up fully automatically.


Automatic workpiece loading and unloading device,

toolholder magazine for all sizes, turning operations and many other equipment details make the 5 @work a highly productive and flexible machining center for the watch and jewelry industry.


Using specially developed parametric CNC programs and a special user interface, these machines can be programmed and operated easily and intuitively. With our additional CAD cam package Benzinger Creative, various designs for milling and stone setting can be designed and manufactured directly in CAD. Using the CAM module, these designs can be directly converted into 5 @work 5-axis milling solutions.


Product Specifications Model:

Number of axes 5-axis

Horizontal / Vertical Vertical

Material to be processed For glass

Other Features Milling Cutter

X-axis 250 mm (10 in)

Y-axis 260 mm (10 in)

Z-axis 150 mm (6 in)

Speed 30,000 rpm (188,496 rad.min-1)

Output power 1 kW (1.36 hp)

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