Four suggestions for efficient use of CNC cutting machines

The most important difference between CNC cutting machines and handheld cutting and profiling cutting is that their cutting speed is fast and their cutting accuracy is high. In the past ten years since their products have been implemented in our country, the market penetration rate has risen year by year, which undoubtedly reflects the favor of end users for CNC cutting machines.However, with the increasingly obvious trend of large-scale development of downstream industries, the processing efficiency of existing CNC cutting machines has become difficult to meet market demand. How to further improve the material cutting and processing efficiency of enterprises?
Lansheng technical engineers believe that improving CNC cutting technology is one aspect, but on the other hand, it needs to be achieved through the improvement of the operation of the enterprise’s CNC cutting machine.
At the technical level, the current research on the application technology of CNC cutting machines in China is close to the international level, and the space for further improvement and development is relatively limited; however, there is still a lot of room for improvement in the operation and maintenance capabilities of enterprises. For this reason, we have integrated the on-site use of many users and compiled the following four suggestions for your reference:
1. There is no automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database on the CNC system.
Cutting workers can only rely on experience and eye inspection. After manually operating the CNC cutting machine, they cannot achieve automatic perforation and automatic cutting. The consumption efficiency of the cutting machine is naturally very low.
2. The use of cutting method is not suitable.
In the cutting setting, the cutting method used is too simple. Individual parts must be perforated and cut in good condition. Efficient cutting methods such as co-edge, borrowing edge, and bridging are not used, resulting in low cutting efficiency, and the consumables of the cutting nozzle (especially the plasma cutting nozzle) are seriously wasted.
Please pay attention to the above points, and the efficiency and material saving of using CNC cutting machines will be greatly improved!
3. Slow cutting caused by unstable CNC system.
Due to the heating of the CPU and hard disk of the CNC system, the system is unstable and cannot work full-time; or the fan is worn out, the hard disk vibrates or is damaged by viruses, resulting in stagnation of consumption. It may also be that the cutting control software of the CNC system is defective, showing problems or cutting errors, which will also delay cutting consumption and affect cutting quality and other issues.
4. Failure to use nesting software leads to low data application rate.
The nesting software is not used, but the parts are called or read into the parts on the CNC system to stop manual programming and stop part of the cutting, which not only wastes time, but also wastes information.Therefore, the device nesting software saves time and materials.

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