Five-axis post-processing of spindle compound swing

The main contents of post-processing include: output of CNC instructions, format conversion output, and machine tool kinematic solution processing. Among them, the output of CNC system control instructions involves the control of machine tool type, machine tool configuration, machine tool positioning, interpolation, spindle, feed, pause, cooling, tool compensation, fixed cycle, program head and tail output, etc.; format conversion output Including data type conversion, string processing and output address characters, etc.; kinematic algorithm processing, that is, post-processing algorithm design, mainly for coordinate conversion during multi-coordinate machining, machine tool kinematics definition, cross-quadrant processing and feed speed Controls isogeometric motion transformation calculations.

In principle, the post-processing process is interpreted and executed, that is, every time a complete record line in the tool position data file is read, coordinate transformation or file code conversion is performed according to the selected machine tool, a complete CNC program segment is generated, and written to In the CNC program file, until the end of the tool position data file. Using object-oriented technology, a data structure for recording tool location file information and a method for processing format conversion output were established, thus realizing a post-processing system.

The post-processing program consists of 6 modules: tool location file reading, post-parameter setting, post-mode judgment, data conversion, processing program output and data display modules. Among them, the post-processing method judgment module is used to judge the processing method of the tool location file; the tool location file reading module reads the coordinate values ​​of the tool center and the tool center in the tool path one by one according to the characteristics of the tool location file. Axis vector values, as well as other information contained in the tool location file; the data conversion module implements the angle calculation in the post-processing algorithm and the calculation of the necessary linear coordinate values.

Based on object-oriented technology, when we add a new multi-axis post-processing system, we only need to change the data conversion module in it to quickly establish the post-processing of multiple multi-axis CNC machine tools, achieving Code reusability. The figure shows the application of this post-processing system on the DMU200P CNC machine tool. The tool position file is displayed on the left side of the window, and the post-processed NC data file is displayed on the right side.

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