Five-axis milling of rod stock

High-precision turbocharger impellers are key components to meet today’s strict national standards. Through advanced five-axis machining, hundreds of superchargers can be manufactured every day, cut from solid aluminum, which not only has a price advantage but also has higher tolerance accuracy than older cast superchargers.

The supercharger is a 100% five-axis machined workpiece without any straight cuts or pure arc machining. The wheel width is roughly conical in shape, and a large number of airfoil blades radiate spirally from the hub along the axis of the cone. At every machining moment during speed-increasing machining, the cutting path changes along all machining axes, so each axis is always in an acceleration or deceleration mode, which results in severe gravity acceleration.

The five-axis supercharger processing in a manufacturing plant is completed by four FSP model 300x high-speed machining centers. They are products of MooreTool Co. of Bridgeport, Conn. The most striking thing about this machine is that the fixed-position horizontal spindle can only move along the X and Y axes. It only limits the movement of the spindle in the horizontal direction and does not change the elongation of the spindle. This can improve the rigidity and vibration damping when there is a large inertia force. Large inertia forces are very common in the processing of superchargers.

The table-on-table rotation design of the workpiece table avoids the offset of the center of gravity of the hinge axis during complex contour cutting of Taps, improving the response and accuracy of the cutting path. Having a horizontal spindle allows for faster chip removal without the need for double cuts.

Large, cast iron and three-point horizontal box-in-box structure enhances stability and vibration absorption. The feed rate for machining contours can reach 787ipm, the speed can reach 1,181ipm, and the acceleration can reach 653in./sec2 or 1.7G in five-axis mode.

The FSP300s also incorporates a high-gain, closed-loop digital servo system that enables fast positioning, high feed rates and rapid acceleration in all axes. Moore was able to achieve this advantage by capturing the essence of the machine tool design and coordinating the machine tool and control system to minimize the effects of harmonic effects, vibration and shock, and keeping the machine tool’s Siemens Sinumerik840D control system at normal operating levels. Rob Smith, Moore’s manager, said, “When a low-stiffness machine tool is running at Taps speed, at such high gain, the control system will definitely become dynamically unstable.”

Turbocam Parts: When machining an impeller from solid aluminum, MooreFSP300xHMCs were used to remove more than 50% of the weight in the Taps automated production system and complete the impeller in approximately 1 hour while maintaining volumetric tolerances within 0.001 inches.

He said Siemens’ control system can provide high machining and processing speeds as well as true five-axis machining. Moreover, there is no need to stop any axis during the processing. Stopping the axis will greatly reduce the processing speed during complex contour processing.

The 840D control system can control 10 channels, 10 mode groups, and 31 axes. To meet the high demands on axes and channels, the NCU’s computing power and memory areas can be expanded and combined. This allows the 840D to connect 248 axes and spindles on one CNC.

A 4-inch supercharger machined from 2618 aluminum. Using the reciprocating feed device designed by Moore, the machine tool can be run unattended, removing 50% of the weight and completing the intensifier process in one hour, with a volumetric error of up to 0.001 inch.

Verify the quality of the machine tool by processing a 10-inch supercharger, which requires 7 contour cuts and 7 tool changes to complete from the solid body.

The FSP300 completed the process in three hours and all surfaces met size and finish requirements. For this cut, feed rates ranged from 190 to 282 sfpm, while spindle speeds ranged from 24,000 to 40,000 rpm.

1005TAPSactivearea: The table-on-table rotation design of the MooreFSP300xHMCs workpiece table avoids the offset of the center of gravity of the hinge axis during the complex contour cutting process of Taps, improving the response and accuracy of the cutting path.

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