Factors that cause the temperature of the spindle of the machine tool and the principle of spindle temperature control

If the temperature of the spindle bearing is too high, the material will expand, resulting in a smaller mechanical clearance and noise and mechanical damage. The reasons for the high temperature of the machine tool spindle are mainly caused by insufficient lubrication, too viscous lubricating oil, spindle processing, installation and other factors, and the temperature control of the main bearing of the machine tool is mainly solved around these factors.

The bearing temperature is generally limited to a temperature increase of no more than 45 °C, and if the temperature of the bearing is found to exceed 70-80 °C during monitoring, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

Installation and wiring

CNC machine tools can use the combination of thermal resistance, multi-channel digital instrument and PLC control system to realize the detection of spindle bearing temperature.

At the front, middle and rear bearings of the spindle, 4 thermal resistors are installed. The PLC control system collects the temperature of the four measuring points to monitor the temperature rise of the bearing at different positions.

Control requirements and principles.

The temperature control system uses a thermal resistance to measure the temperature at the measuring point and a multi-channel digital instrument to display the temperature value of the spindle bearing. The PLC realizes the functions of parameter setting, remote monitoring, data storage and alarm processing. In the actual programming process, there is no need to write a program to read and write PLC registers, and through the method of data definition, after the I/O variables are defined, the variable names can be directly used for system control, operation display, data recording and alarm.

The system sets a start button to start the control program, and sets two indicators, red and green, to display the temperature status. The temperature of the 4 measuring points is within the required range, and the green light is on, indicating that the spindle can operate normally; When the temperature of a certain measured point reaches the upper limit, even if the spindle speed has not reached the requirements, the red light will be on, and the corresponding bearing alarm on the display of the CNC system will be alarmed. The operator will stop the spindle immediately, and check the condition of the corresponding position of the spindle bearing according to the corresponding alarm number, so as to avoid the grinding of the spindle bearing.

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