Extend the life of composite machining tools

Adding more tool pockets to the tool holder makes it possible to create so-called “sister tools”, thus extending the usable life of a tool in its pocket. In addition, a machine tool can be equipped with different types of cutting tools to carry out different cutting operations without changing the tool holder.

One example of optimal utilization of the potential of a multi-tasking machine tool is the Coro-PlexSL microturret. Arranging various cutting heads on the tool holder creates a miniature turret and enables many combinations of machining possibilities. There are tooth lock interfaces at the four cutter head positions, carrying the SL cutting head, which is used for general turning, parting, grooving and thread cutting processes. Axial and radial components facilitate universal machining of internal and external circles on multi-task machines. The SL system, combined with the Coromant Capto system at the back of the tool holder, allows the interface connection at the front to be as stable as the entire tool. This application has proven to be feasible.

The micro turret can be equipped with various cutting heads for radial and axial machining, and then used for external and internal turning operations. This saves space in the tool room and shortens tool changing time.

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