Definition of composite machine tools

CNC compound machining machine tools are a new type of CNC machine tools based on modern flexible automated CNC machine tools and developed under the guidance of the concept of “concentrated processes and one-time clamping to achieve multi-process compound processing” of combined machine tools and multi-tool semi-automatic turret machine tools. machine tool. After the workpiece is clamped for the first time, by automatically replacing the tools (cutting tools or molds) required for processing, multiple processes in the same process method or multiple processes in different process methods can be automatically performed in sequence according to the CNC program. Processing of various processes, thereby reducing non-processing time, shortening the processing cycle, and achieving the purpose of improving production efficiency.

Therefore, CNC compound processing machine tools can be divided into two categories: process compound type and process compound type based on the complexity of their processing. The former, such as general boring and milling machining centers, turning centers, grinding centers, etc., can only complete multiple processes of the same process on one machine tool; while the latter, such as turning-milling composite centers, turning-grinding composite centers, Turning-laser machining centers, etc., can not only complete multiple processes of the same process method on one machine tool, but also can complete multiple processes of multiple different process methods. For example, the turning-milling compound center can not only complete various processes of turning, but also complete various processes of milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other processes. It is like combining a CNC lathe and a small and medium-sized machining center.

If we look at the processing objects of CNC compound machining machines, the configuration of the machine tool structure, and the functional characteristics, there are those for processing rotary body parts, processing prismatic body parts, and complex shape parts (composed of rotary bodies and prism surfaces). CNC compound machining machine tools for processing.

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