Common internal grinding machine usage procedures and simple maintenance instructions

Although the internal grinding machine has special requirements for the CNC system, after the development of recent years, especially with the help of CNC technology, the continuous dressing of the grinding wheel on the grinding machine, automatic compensation, automatic exchange of grinding wheels, multi-table, automatic transmission and clamping workpiece and other operating functions have been realized, and CNC technology has been gradually popularized in surface grinding machines and internal grinding machines.

Internal cylindrical grinder use program

1. Check whether the oil height of the oil pool and oil tank reaches the hydraulic index;

2. Check whether the oil grade and material quality meet the requirements of the instruction manual;

3. Each operating handle (handwheel) should be placed in the closed or unloading position, and the grinding wheel frame (grinding head) should not collide with each other as for the backward position;

4. Check whether the motor of the moving oil pump is running normally, and then check whether the pressure of the oil circuit, auxiliary oil circuit and lubricating oil circuit meets the requirements of the instruction manual. (For machine tools with unloading function requirements, the pressure of the main oil circuit should be adjusted to the lowest, and the unloading operation handle should be turned to the stop position, and then the pressure should be checked.) )

5. The machine tool should open the air release valve, drain the air in the cylinder and the system, and then close the air release valve.

6. The machine tool with hydraulic operation box should adjust the opening and stopping valve and the workbench speed handle according to the provisions of the use book, so that the workbench is slow, and reciprocate several times in a short distance, after normal operation, gradually adjust to the highest speed, check whether the operation and commutation are normal in the full stroke (the machine tool with a workbench speed greater than 15m/min cannot be immediately adjusted to the maximum stroke), and there is no impact and obvious retention phenomenon.

7. After the internal grinder workbench is running normally, the rapid advance and retreat and feed experiment of the grinding wheel frame are carried out. Check that the grinding wheel holder moves quickly to the end position for impact. Adjust the feed within the range specified in the instruction manual. Check if the movement is normal.

Simple maintenance of internal cylindrical grinders

1. The internal cylindrical grinder will accelerate its aging and even burn out under continuous and long-term use, so it can be intermittently allowed to rest for a while, or often change the content of the internal cylindrical grinder, or it will operate in the protection mode of the internal cylindrical grinder for a while, which will be conducive to delaying the aging of the internal cylindrical grinder.

2. When the temperature is too low (less than minus 30 degrees), it should be discontinued

The video splicing screen is a valuable electronic product, and the internal high voltage is dangerous, and it is forbidden for non-professionals to operate it. It is very sensitive to water, and the humid weather of the southern plum rain is easy to damage the components inside the screen, so it should be run regularly, or you can put a pack of moisture-proof agent inside the screen.

3. The surface of the wall of the internal cylindrical grinder is a piece of glass to avoid hardware collision, and the pressure can not be applied to the surface of the internal grinder. It is not possible to spray the cleaning machine directly onto the glass surface of the display internal grinder, which may flow into the inside of the LCD internal grinding machine and cause a short circuit fault.

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