Combined milling and turning of large parts

Compound processing is an advanced manufacturing technology that combines several different processing techniques on one machine tool. Turning and milling combined processing is the most difficult composite processing. It is equivalent to the combination of a CNC lathe and a machining center. It is widely used in today’s society.


At present, most turning and milling combined processing is completed on turning centers, and ordinary turning centers only replace the ordinary turret tool holder of CNC lathes with a turret tool holder with powered tools. Due to the limitations of the turret tool holder structure and outer dimensions, the power head has small power, low rotational speed, and cannot install larger tools. This kind of turning center is mainly for turning, and the milling and drilling functions are only for some auxiliary processing.

Lansheng provides German DMCFD series turning and milling compound CNC machine tools, which unifies milling and turning technology into one machine tool based on the 5-axis milling machine. The workbench has a rotation function and can reach a rotation speed of 1,200rpm, which is equivalent to the workbench of a vertical CNC lathe and has turning capabilities.

The CNC swing milling head has a B-axis function and can rotate around the Y-axis, so that 5-side machining and 5-axis simultaneous milling can be achieved.

DMCFD series turning and milling compound CNC machine tools are equivalent to a combination machine tool of a CNC vertical lathe and a five-axis linkage machining center.

Because the DMCFD series turning and milling compound CNC machine tools have a main motor power of 47kW, a torque of up to 6,200Nm, and a maximum load-bearing capacity of the workbench of 2,500kg.

Therefore, the DMCFD series turning and milling compound CNC machine tools are very suitable for a variety of milling and turning compound processing applications of large parts. Turning and milling can be realized with one clamping.

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