CNC machine tool operating procedures

One. Before running

1. Check whether the program is consistent with the workpiece or blank.

2. Check whether the coordinate system of the workpiece is consistent with the program coordinate system.

3. Check whether the tool in the tool table is consistent with the tool information in the program; Check the integrity of the tool.

4. Check whether the program is correct and whether the selection of cutting amount is reasonable.

5. Determine the status of the machine tool and the position of each switch (the feed rate switch should be 0).

6. The machine can only be started after the workpiece clamping has been confirmed.

Two. Processing

1. Close the protective door and start the machine; Each axis is manually or automatically returned to zero (mechanical origin).

2. Set the tool to determine the position of the origin of the workpiece coordinate system.

3. Run the program to observe whether the action of the machine tool and the direction of feed are consistent with the program.

4. When the coordinates of the workpiece, the position of the tool, and the remaining amount are consistent, gradually increase the feed rate switch.

5. When normal processing, before you need to pause the program, you should slowly turn off the magnification switch to the 0 position.

6. When resuming machining after interrupting the program, it should be slowly fed to the original machining position, and then gradually return to the normal cutting rate.

Three. Exception handling

1. When the machine stops due to an alarm, the alarm information should be cleared first, the spindle should be safely moved out of the processing position, and the machining should be resumed after the alarm fault is eliminated.

2. In the event of an emergency, the program should be stopped quickly and the emergency stop button can be used if necessary.

Fourth, the processing is completed

cleaning of machine tools; Register the use of the machine this time.

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