CNC lathe safety operation procedures

Ⅰ. Basic precautions for safe operation:

1. Please wear work clothes, safety shoes, work hats and protective goggles when working, and note: gloves are not allowed to operate the machine tool.

2. Do not move or damage the warning signs installed on the machine tool.

3. Do not place obstacles around the machine tool, and the working space should be large enough.

4. If a certain work needs to be completed by two or more people, attention should be paid to the coordination between them.

5. It is not allowed to use compressed air to clean machine tools, electrical cabinets and NC units.

Ⅱ Preparatory work prior to work

l. Before the machine tool starts to work, there should be preheating, carefully check whether the lubrication system is working normally, if the machine tool has not been started for a long time, you can first use manual way to supply oil to each part of the lubrication.

2. The tools used should be consistent with the allowable specifications of the machine tool, and the tools with serious damage should be replaced in time.

3. Do not forget the tools used to adjust the tool in the machine tool.

4. Whether the center hole of large-size shaft parts is suitable, if the center hole is too small, it is easy to be dangerous in work.

5. After the tool is installed, one or two test cutting should be carried out.

6. Check the status of chuck clamping work.

7. Before the machine tool starts, the machine tool protection door must be closed.

Ⅲ. Safety precautions during work:

l. It is forbidden to touch the tip of the knife and iron filings with your hands, and the iron filings must be cleaned with iron hooks or brushes.

2. It is forbidden to touch the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts by hand or any other way.

3. It is forbidden to measure the work and change the speed during the processing process, and it is not possible to wipe the workpiece with cotton silk or clean the machine tool.

4. During the operation of the lathe, the operator shall not leave the post, and the machine tool shall stop immediately if it finds abnormal phenomena.

5. Check the bearing temperature frequently, and find relevant personnel to check when it is too high.

6. During the machining process, it is not allowed to open the machine tool protection door.

7. Strictly abide by the post responsibility system, the machine tool is used by a special person, and the use of others must be approved by me.

8. When the workpiece extends beyond 100mm of the lathe, a protective object must be set up in the extended position.

Ⅳ. Considerations after the completion of the work

l. Remove chips, wipe the machine tool, and use the machine tool to keep the environment clean.

2. Pay attention to check or replace the oil inspection plate on the damaged machine tool guide rail.

3. Check the status of lubricating oil and coolant, add or replace it in time.

4. Turn off the power supply and the total power supply on the machine operation panel in turn.

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