CNC lathe operation procedures

Assignment Guidebook

CNC lathe operation and safety operation procedures

1 Purpose

This procedure is used to guide the operator in the correct operation and use of the equipment.

2 Scope of Application

This regulation is applicable to guide the operation and safe operation of the company’s CNC lathes.

3 Manage content

3.1 Operating Procedures

3.1.1 The operator must be familiar with the operation sequence and performance of the machine tool, and it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment beyond the performance.

3.1.2 The operator must pass the training, examination or assessment before holding the certificate.

3.1.3 Before starting, fill the oil according to the lubrication chart of the equipment, and check whether the switches and handles are in the specified position.

3.1.4 Start the lubricating oil pump and check whether the oil circuit is unblocked; Start the hydraulic pump to adjust the system pressure, working pressure, clamping pressure, and rotary turret pressure. If the elastic chuck has to clamp the workpiece.

3.1.5 Jog move Z-axis, X-axis check limit alarm system.

3.1.6 Electrical return to zero, input editing program, simulation operation.

3.1.7 Start the main motor, idle at low speed for 3~5 minutes, and run for 25~30 minutes at 1/3~1/2 times of high speed.

3.1.8 Reset before shutdown, turn off the main motor, and after the main motor stops, turn off the hydraulic pump, lubrication pump, and turn off the NC switch.

3.1.9 Turn off the main electronic control switch of the machine tool and turn off the air switch of the electric control cabinet.

3.1.10 Clean the machine tool, fill the oil according to the lubrication chart of the equipment, and apply oil on the scraping surface.

3.2 Safety Operating Procedures

3.2.1 The operator should be proficient in the programming method of the CNC system of the machine tool and implement the “Safety Protection Instructions”. Use the Parameter Table correctly.

3.2.2 Before processing, the electrical should be returned to zero, check the origin of the machine tool and the tool data, and the switch should not be touched with wet hands during processing.

3.2.3 When starting the machine, it should be run at low speed for 3-5 minutes, and the pressure of the hydraulic system should be within the rated range.

3.2.4 During processing, the operator is strictly forbidden to leave the machine, and if any abnormality is found, the emergency stop should be pressed.

3.2.5 When replacing parts, inspecting or repairing, and measuring workpieces, the machine should be stopped.

3.2.6 When the machine tool has abnormal sound and vibration, it should be stopped immediately and reported to the relevant personnel for maintenance.

3.2.7 The spindle motor should be checked every month to see if it is normal, the safety protection device should be checked every shift to see if it is in good condition, and the stroke limit switch and electrical circuit insulation should be checked every 6 months.

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