CNC lathe daily maintenance work content

In order to keep the CNC lathe in good condition, in addition to timely repairs when malfunctions occur, it is very important to adhere to regular maintenance. Adhering to regular inspections and regular maintenance can nip many hidden troubles in the bud and prevent or reduce the occurrence of accidents. The daily maintenance content and requirements of different types of CNC lathes are not exactly the same. For specific machine tools, the regulations in the instructions should be followed.

The following lists some common daily maintenance contents.

1. Clean and lubricate each guide rail surface every day. Machine tools with automatic lubrication systems should regularly check and clean the automatic lubrication system, check the oil volume, add lubricating oil in time, and check whether the oil pump starts and stops oiling in time. 2. Check whether the automatic lubrication system of the main spindle box is working properly every day, and replace the main spindle box lubricating oil regularly.

3. Pay attention to check whether the cooling fan in the electrical cabinet is working properly, whether the air duct filter is blocked, and clean the attached dust.

4. Pay attention to checking the cooling system, check the liquid level, add oil or water in time, and replace and clean the oil and water when they are dirty.

5. Pay attention to check the spindle drive belt and adjust the tightness.

6. Pay attention to check the tightness of the guide rail inserts and adjust the gap.

7. Pay attention to check whether there is any abnormal noise from the oil tank pump of the machine tool hydraulic system, whether the working oil level is appropriate, whether the pressure gauge indication is normal, and whether there are leaks in the pipelines and joints.

8. Pay attention to check whether the guide rails and machine tool protective covers are complete and effective.

9. Pay attention to checking the mechanical accuracy of each moving part to reduce shape and position deviations.

10. Clean the machine tool after get off work every day, remove iron filings, and wipe coolant from the guide rails to prevent the guide rails from rusting.

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