CimatronE five-axis machining technology

With the continuous innovation and breakthrough of CNC technology, five-axis machining is adopted by more and more industries, such as aerospace, electric power, shipbuilding, high-precision instruments, mold manufacturing, etc. However, automatic programming software plays a key role in five-axis machining technology, because the process layout of the tool path, the interference check between the tool chuck and the workpiece or the tool fixture, and the identification of the remaining amount of the blank are all automatically considered by the software , programmers cannot achieve it through calculation. They only optimize cutting parameters based on experience to obtain a more reasonable and effective machining trajectory.

CimatronE software is one of the most intelligent and efficient software in today’s five-axis machining technology. It has specialized solutions for complex five-axis mold and five-axis product processing.

In terms of mold processing:

1. Use the blank residual knowledge and blank quick preview function to automatically identify the residual amount after each processing and optimize the tool path, which is safe and efficient; you can quickly observe the processing results without calculating the tool path program, which facilitates repeated optimization of parameters. When the results are consistent Perform final one-time error-free calculations upon request, saving programming time.

2. Automatically calculate the shortest tool length, which can make reasonable use of tools and save costs.

3. Processing based on slope analysis technology automatically analyzes the slope of the surface and calculates the surface into flat areas and steep areas. Implement different tool feeding methods in different areas to achieve composite processing.

4. Automatically consider the interference of the tool chuck and perform three-axis cutting in the area without interference; when the tool length is insufficient and interference occurs, the angle is automatically swung to achieve five-axis simultaneous processing.

5. Realize the five-axis root cleaning function, combined with the knowledge of blank residuals, efficient and safe; use the secondary roughening option to homogenize the residual blanks at the fillets to solve the problem of excessive diameter between the root cleaning tool and the previous tool. Large, it brings too much residual material and causes the trouble of knife breakage.

6. Fully integrated with CAD to facilitate the modification and editing of curves, surfaces and entities without data conversion.

In terms of product processing:

1. There is a special five-axis machining strategy for special parts, such as impellers, blades, elbows, etc., to achieve five-axis linkage roughing, finishing and filleting.

2. Correct and safe cutter axis tilt control, the tool can be moved according to the direction of points, curves, coordinate axes and surface UV lines. At the same time, the algorithm based on the tool contact point avoids zero-speed cutting and improves surface quality.

3. Multi-axis blank function. When the workbench or tool rotates by an angle, it can automatically identify the blank in the current coordinate system, cut evenly and safely, reduce empty tools, and improve efficiency.

4. Intelligent interference inspection of the blade, tool holder and tool handle, and reflects it to the user in the form of a report.

5. Rapid five-axis drilling function. According to the set angle limit, the shape and position of the hole can be automatically identified without the need for user selection; after the hole position is determined, the shape and size parameters of the hole are automatically displayed, which is conducive to user proofreading and editing; at the same time, the system is unified and grouped to facilitate user editing. and modifications.

6. Powerful background auxiliary functions. Supports post-processing of all international control systems and custom formats; supports machine tool simulation of tool paths and machine tool simulation of reverse-reading post-processing codes.

In summary, CimatronE’s five-axis machining function is extremely intelligent, safe and efficient. It provides a wealth of processing strategies for processing complex molds and products. It is easy to learn and use. It is a powerful and comprehensive five-axis machining software.

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