Application of milling and laser combined processing machine tools

Lansheng provides German DMG LASERTEC80 FineCutting laser milling and processing center, which can process metals, carbide, ceramics, PKD, CBN and other materials of various properties. It can process thin plates with thickness <5mm, pipes and three-dimensional workpieces with high precision, and has the smallest laser cutting seam. Within 20µm, machine tool accuracy Pmax.<10µm, with 3-axis, 4-axis or 5-axis structure.


Germany’s DMG’s LASERTEC80 FineCutting laser milling processing center adds a laser processing head to the high-speed milling machine, becoming a machine tool for combined milling and laser processing. The machine is equipped with a Q-switched YAG laser with a power of 100W, a beam diameter of 0.1mm, and a processing efficiency of 20mm3/min. After the workpiece (mainly the mold) is clamped once on this kind of machine tool, a high-speed milling head is used to complete most of the workload, and then a laser head is used for finishing in a layer-cutting manner to remove the milling marks on the profile and process fine details. Parts, including carved patterns and patterns.

The new LASERTEC80 productline is a general-purpose high-precision laser processing machine. Due to its modular structure, the machine can perform 2D and 3D laser cutting, laser drilling and laser welding of various parts. Has the following performance characteristics:

1. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional laser processing with the highest precision and dynamic performance

2. The X-axis and Y-axis are equipped with linear motors (acceleration >1.2g), and all rotating axes are equipped with torsion motors, achieving the highest dynamic performance.

3. Equipped with the best laser for any purpose

4. Various laser sources: GepulsteNd:YAG laser from 15 to 500 watts; CO2 laser from 500 to 3000 watts

5. Excellent accessibility to the processing area and laser

6. Wide range of use (plates, pipes, three-dimensional workpieces)

7. Use robot loading and unloading or automatic conveyor belts to realize processing automation

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