Analysis of motion control methods of industrial robots

Robot control systems used in industry generally adopt a secondary control method, in which the industrial computer acts as the main controller for the coordination and scheduling of the entire control process, and the second-level controller is used for the motion control of the spraying robot.
The control mode of the industrial control computer plus DSP, the industrial control computer acts as a first-level controller, responsible for system management, robot language compilation and human-computer interface and other functions.The DSP acts as a secondary controller and is mainly responsible for the motion control of the robot, including functions such as the positive and inverse solution operation of the robot’s motion, the interpolation operation, and the position control of the joints.The industrial computer and the DSP do not communicate directly. They exchange data through a common memory. Both the industrial computer and the DSP can read data from the memory to achieve the purpose of communication.
At present, the more common mode is the industrial computer plus the motion control card. The motion control card is about to be inserted into the PCI slot of the industrial computer, and the communication between the industrial computer and the motion control card is carried out through the PCI bus.
The industrial computer is responsible for the file management of the system, the setting of system parameters, the interpretation of the robot language, the teaching inspection, the coordination and scheduling of system programs, fault diagnosis, the positive and negative solution of robot kinematics and the interpolation operation and other functions.The motion control card is only responsible for the motion control function of the robot, which enhances the real-time movement of the robot.
The man-machine interface function is completed by a dedicated I/O card inserted on the industrial control computer. The I/O card feeds back information such as equipment operating status and stroke limit switch to the industrial control computer in real time in the form of a switch, and the industrial control computer responds accordingly based on the information read.The teaching box communicates with the host through the RS232 bus.The hardware structure of the control system usually includes industrial control computers, motion control cards, I/O cards, teaching boxes, servo motors and other components.

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