A brief analysis of the necessity and content of CNC programming

1.Ordinary machine tools: operators operate the machine tools according to the various steps of the process procedures, and the processing process is completed manually.
2.Automatic machine tool: According to the characteristics of the parts and process requirements, the motion curve or mold of the cam is designed, and the movement is realized by the cam or mold.
Definition: From the analysis of the part diagram to the production of the control medium
3.CNC machine tools: according to the pre-prepared processing procedures, the processing department process of the processed parts is automatically carried out, which is called CNC programming.
B.The scope of application of CNC machine tools: processing parts with small batches and complex shapes that require high accuracy.C.Difference: Appearance: There is a CRT screen to understand the processing procedures, process parameters, etc. Internal:
1. There is no gearbox: it is completed by AC and DC stepless variable speed servo motors.
2. There is a workpiece measurement system: reduce the number of manual measurements at work.
D.Program input method:
1. Perforated paper tape: it is more commonly used, made according to certain rules, and the code is converted into a recognizable electrical signal by a reader, which is recognized and sent to the corresponding register after decoding.
a.Amplifier circuit, photoelectric conversion circuit, shaping circuit
b.Pulse signal circuit
c.Parity circuit
d.Decoding circuit
e.Ten-to-two operation circuit

2. Data tape: Record the program into a data tape, and read out the program from the data tape during processing.
3. Floppy disk: Through the RS-232 standard serial interface, direct computer communication (DNC) is realized, and instructions are sent to the system by means of communication, which improves reliability and efficiency.
4. MDI: manual data input, characterized by simple input, inspection, verification, and easy modification, suitable for parts with simple shapes and short procedures.

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