A brief analysis of the integration and application of industrial robots and CNC machine tools

  1. The integration method of the integration of robots and CNC machine tools

In the field of CNC machine tool processing applications, the integration and application of local machine tool loading and unloading robots and CNC machine tools has been among the advanced developments.From the level of industry application, major changes have also occurred.:

(1) Working island: single-to-single linkage processing, single-to-multi-online processing.

(2) Flexible manufacturing system (FMS): Flexible machine wiring based on network control, the application of PLC control platform, through the industrial Ethernet bus method, multiple robots, multiple CNC machine tools and their auxiliary equipment are networked and wired, and orderly automatic production is carried out according to the beat.

(3) Digital workshop: With the help of CAD/CAM/CAPPS/MES auxiliary production tools, logistics technology and sensing technology, it has functions such as production process monitoring, online fault real-time feedback, processing process data management, tool information management, equipment maintenance data management, and product information recording to meet the needs of unmanned processing and realize the production planning, operation coordination, integration and optimized operation of the processing system.

(4) Smart factory: With the help of intelligent workshop layout and ERP information management system, it will bring innovation to traditional production methods to the maximum extent possible.The database of the information management system can interface with various external information systems through the gateway, connect the workshop to the ERP system, query the production status of the workshop, and realize the efficient allocation of enterprise resources; with the help of its SMS platform and e-mail platform, it can report equipment failures, production progress and other information to the administrator in real time.

  1. Ways to integrate and develop industrial robots and CNC machine tools

1.Processing and manufacturing

Robots participate in the processing and manufacturing of machine tool structural parts to achieve automation. Special machine tools serve the precision machining of robot-specific reducers, improve the quality of processing technology and mass production efficiency, etc., and have a lot of room for integration and development.With the help of the strategic cooperation between the two companies, robot companies can use the manufacturing and process technology capabilities of machine tool manufacturers to achieve the following goals:

(1) For robot body castings and reducer structural parts, jointly study and form batch precision manufacturing technology, improve robot batch production capacity and process level, overcome reliability and consistency technologies, and achieve efficient, stable and precise beat production.

(2) Facing the integration capabilities of robot tooling, fixtures, and machining production lines, with the help of the vast end customer channel resources of major machine tool factories, entrust the promotion and application of robots


(3) Research and development of industrial robots that are urgently needed for automated and flexible production of machine tool stand-alone and production line loading and unloading and parts handling, scraping, chamfering, polishing, welding, spraying (powder), etc., jointly developed by machine tool companies and industrial robot companies to realize the automatic processing of machine parts and components, and promote the improvement of machine tool manufacturing technology.

(4) The key parts of the mechanical body of industrial robots, such as turntables, arms, boxes, support sleeves, small arms, wrists, etc., have high dimensional accuracy and shape and position tolerances, and have high requirements for machining equipment, tooling fixtures, measuring tools, etc. ; The structure optimization and processing of key parts such as cycloid gear shells, planetary needle wheels, eccentric shafts, and planetary frames of robot reducers are currently difficult to achieve with domestic processing equipment, assembly technology, and precision testing.However, based on the use of domestic CNC machine tools and tools and equipment to complete related processing, it will help to improve the design and processing level of high-end precision mechanical parts in our country, and promote the application and development of domestic CNC devices and domestic CNC machine tools.

2.In terms of integrated applications

Machine tool loading and unloading robots to realize machine-added flexible production lines will be a convenient and effective way to promote.The domestic ownership of CNC machine tools is about 2 million units. Robot companies are the first to promote the application of machine tool loading and unloading flexible machining production lines. There will be great market demand, and it will also help to promote machine tool manufacturing, robots and other mechanical parts to automation, digitization, and networked production methods, which can realize intelligent process control and information management, improve production efficiency and product quality, and improve the level of process management until the overall level of equipment manufacturing industry is promoted.For example, Guangzhou CNC has formed strategic cooperative relations with machine tool manufacturers such as Dalian Machine tools and Baoji machine tools to jointly develop projects such as special processing machine tools for robots, processing technology applications, and automatic flexible production applications for robot machines, which have promoted the mutual integration of the two sides into their respective industrial applications.

There is a gap between the domestic robot and machine tool industry and the international advanced level, especially as an emerging industry, industrial robots started later than the domestic machine tool industry, regardless of the level of manufacturing technology, control system, or integrated application experience; regardless of the maturity of technical standards, or the degree of ownership of professional talents, all restrict the current speed of development, and still need to seek progress in exploration.However, we believe that the deep integration of the two is of great significance to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of China’s equipment manufacturing industry.

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