The development trend of five-axis machine tools

The first is the linear motor drive technology. After more than ten years of development, linear motor technology has been very mature. The problem of susceptibility to interference and large heat production has been solved, and the positioning technology of linear motor not only stops quickly in high-speed movement, but also some machine tool manufacturers use damping technology to solve it.

The advantages of linear motors are linear drive, no transmission chain, no wear, and no backlash, so they can achieve the best positioning accuracy. Linear motors have high dynamics and can accelerate more than 2 g. The linear motor drive also has the characteristics of high reliability and maintenance-free.

The second is the use of dual-drive technology. For the wider workbench or gantry type, if the intermediate drive is adopted, the driving force can not be guaranteed to be in the center, which is easy to cause tilting, so that the dynamic performance is poor. With dual drivers, dual encoders, and one driver module, the dynamic performance is perfect. One drive command, two drives work at the same time, the grating ruler to detect whether the two points are balanced, if not, through different commands to achieve balance. Of course, the development of five-axis linkage machine tool technology is far more than this, and many technologies will be reflected in DMG’s machine tool products.

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