The advantages and disadvantages of the cam mechanism of the machine tool

The cam mechanism is an important driving and control mechanism used to realize mechanization and automation in machinery and equipment application engineering. It is widely used in working machinery operating in light industry, textiles, food, medicine, printing, standard parts manufacturing, transportation and other fields.Although the analytical design theory of cam mechanism has been discussed more in some books, it is slightly insufficient in engineering practice.Here we combine some conditions in teaching and practical application to introduce to readers a set of concise, clear and intuitive methods that do not require complex calculations, allowing most readers to quickly have a clear understanding of the tug and its practical application, without having to derive the cam contour curve equation, thereby improving the design efficiency and design accuracy.At the same time, it also involves the design of various conjugated cam mechanisms.
In order to meet the needs of high-speed cam mechanism analysis and design, dynamic analysis and dynamic design are incorporated. The general cam mechanism design is mainly to design the basic size and cam profile of the mechanism that can reproduce the movement law of a given follower, but the specific mechanical structure must be used in the project to ensure the realization of the design results.
For cam processing, a reasonable cutting plan and correct tool center trajectory coordinate data are the key to obtaining the cam profile that meets the design requirements. The cutting plan of each cam, the calculation method of the tool center trajectory coordinates and the tool center trajectory coordinates determine the control parameters during processing. Machining the cam profile on the profiling machine tool is the main way to improve the cam production efficiency and stabilize the processing quality, coupled with the design method of the square molding mechanism cooperative motor wheel, it is even more powerful.
The advantages and disadvantages of the cam mechanism in the application, let’s talk about the disadvantages first!Because the design process of the cam mechanism is time-consuming and labor-consuming, a simple timing action must be analyzed for a long time. Unlike electrical control, he can change his action flow and sequence at any time, so the control sequence must be confirmed before there is no design, and once the design is complete, it can no longer be changed casually, and the changes will affect the whole body.In addition, processing is also an important factor hindering the popularization of cam mechanisms.

Ordinary processing machine tools do not have the formulas for the derivation of various strange accelerations in the cam, and processing has become a difficult problem.Another is the cost of the cam. It is obvious that the cost of the machine with the cam mechanism is relatively high.
The advantages of the cam mechanism are also relatively obvious. One of his biggest advantages is that he does not need to control, it is just a mechanism. He also has his own control system. Another advantage is that the cam mechanism saves space and is easier to install. The third advantage is “fast”. One turn of the cam mechanism is a production cycle. In theory, as fast as the motor turns, it can run as fast as it can.

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