Z3040Radial drilling machine

Technical parameters of Z3040 radial drilling machine
Large borehole diametermmcarbon steel40    cast iron50
The distance from the spindle centerline to the column busbarmm350- 1250
The distance from the end face of the spindle to the working face of the basemm260- 1250
Spindle travelmm280
Spindle taper (Mohs)4#
Spindle speed ranger/min25-2000
Swingarm rotation angle±180
Singh Amrotation Ungermm/r0.10-0.25
The number of spindle feed levels12
Table sizemm500×630
The distance the headstock moves horizontallymm1000
Main motor powerkW3
The weight of the machine is aboutkg1600
Machine dimensions (length×width×height)mm1730×1070×2400
The operating temperature of the machine toolSize between 55 degrees, avoid direct sunlight
Machine operating temperatureLess than 75 degrees
The machine tool is kept away from excessive dust and corrosive gases. In order to improve the permanent accuracy of the machine tool, if possible, the machine tool can be installed in a relatively closed place, and air conditioning can be installed to maintain the temperature.

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