YX4230CNC5 CNC high efficiency shaving machine

Machine tool main performance, features:
  ◆The machine tool is a five-axis CNC shaving machine, and each moving axis of the machine tool is controlled by an independent AC servo motor, which can realize axial shaving, radial shaving, diagonal shaving and tangential shaving.
  ◆The machine adopts vertical layout, the column and the bed are highly rigid integral structure, and the tangential slide seat is arranged in the radial slide board, which has high rigidity, compact structure and beautiful appearance. The X, Y and Z axes of the machine tool are driven by digital servo motor and ball screw, with high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy and stable machining accuracy.
  ◆Machine tool configuration human-machine dialogue interface, the operator only needs to set the dialogue interface, input the corresponding tool parameters, workpiece parameters, compensation parameters, cutting parameters, etc., the machine tool will automatically run and carry out the corresponding automatic compensation.
  ◆The machine tool can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading mechanism and truss mechanism to realize automatic continuous processing and meet the needs of automation.
  ◆The machine is suitable for the shaving of external meshing straight tooth, helical tooth cylindrical gear, connecting shaft and step gear.
Main technical and specification parameters of machine tool:
Serial numberMain technical specificationParameter specification
1Maximum workpiece diametermm300
2Maximum workpiece modulusmmShaft shave 8, diameter shave 5
3Razor speed ranger/min50-500
4Table feed speedmm/min1-1000
5Radial slide feed speedmm/min0.2-1000
6Tangential slide feed speedmm/min1-500
7Razor turning center to center distance rangemm125-280

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