YKZ7250 CNC Worm Wheel Grinding Machine

The machine tool adopts a brand-new structure, equipped with high-power, high-rigidity grinding wheel spindle, workpiece spindle and dressing spindle, integrating high-precision, high-efficiency continuous spreading grinding technology, tooth face active control grinding and dressing technology, automatic compensation for machining error technology, high-speed automatic meshing technology between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, and key technologies such as early warning of malfunctions and remote diagnostics, etc., and realizing the full-automatic control of the process of workpiece automatic clamping, automatic tool setting, automatic grinding and automatic dressing, which is especially suitable for the high-precision grinding of medium-sized involute cylindrical gears of large quantities in the industries of automobiles, construction machinery and gear reducer.

Technical Parameters
Maximum outer diameter: Φ500mm
Minimum root diameter:Φ30mm
Workpiece module:1~8mm
Number of workpiece teeth: ≥8
Range of workpiece helix angle: ±45°.
Workpiece tooth width (maximum spur gear): 300mm

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