YKZ7230 CNC Worm Wheel Grinding Machine

This machine tool adopts simens 840D sl numerical control system, eleven-axis five linkage; the grinding wheel tooth shape adopts single diamond roller double-sided dressing, which can realize the automatic adjustment of the pressure angle, and the outer circle of the grinding wheel adopts gold steel blade dressing, which greatly improves the efficiency of dressing; it can realize the automatic clamping of the workpiece, the automatic and uniform distribution of the grinding allowance, the automatic tool meshing and the use of multi-head grinding wheel technology; it adopts the same phase dressing technology, which is easy to improve the precision of the grinding wheel. Adopting the same phase dressing technology, it is easy to improve the dressing accuracy of the grinding wheel, and the dressing position is lower than the clamping position of the workpiece, which can effectively avoid the influence of dressing waste on the clamping accuracy of the workpiece; the machine tool adopts the concept of thermo-symmetric, high rigidity, lightweight structure design, which is easy to improve the stability of the machine tool, the machining efficiency and the machining accuracy.
The machine tool is a high-efficiency and high-precision worm gear grinding machine mainly developed for automobile, engineering machinery, gearbox and other industries, applicable to the processing of large quantities of high-precision involute cylindrical gears with module 1~6 and diameter within 300. Aiming at high precision, high efficiency and high reliability, the machine tool has developed such functions as universal dressing, tooth surface anti-twisting and single side dressing, which meet the requirements of transmission precision, noise reduction and transmission efficiency enhancement in gear transmission. The machine tool adopts vertical structure and is mainly divided into bed, big column, slide base, grinding wheel slide base, workpiece spindle, grinding wheel spindle, workpiece column, tailstock, loading and unloading mechanism and feeding drawer and other components.

Technical Parameters

Maximum outer diameter: Φ300 mm


Minimum root diameter: Φ20mm
Workpiece module: 1-6 mm
Number of workpiece teeth: 8-300 mm
Workpiece tooth width: 300 mm
Maximum helix angle:±45°

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