YKS7225 Duplex High Efficiency Gear Grinding Machine

YKS7225 Double-station High-efficiency Gear Grinding Machine is a kind of high-efficiency and high-precision gear grinding machine with a brand-new structure. The machine tool adopts SIEMENS840DSL numerical control system, which can realize the full-automatic control from the automatic clamping of workpieces, automatic tool setting, automatic grinding and automatic dressing process, and it is suitable for the precision grinding of large-volume involute cylindrical gears in the industries of automobile, new energy vehicle, precision gear reducer, and so on, and can process disk teeth and shaft teeth, and the accuracy can reach GB/T10095/2008 Grade 4 by spreading method and forming method. It is suitable for precision grinding of large quantities of involute cylindrical gears in car, new energy vehicle, precision reducer and other industries, and it can process disk teeth and shaft teeth, and it can be processed by spreading method and forming method, and the precision can reach the level 4 of GB/T10095-2008.
The machine tool adopts the new dual workpiece spindle structure and high-precision dual spindle direct drive technology, roller pressure angle automatic adjustment technology, multi-head worm wheel grinding and dressing technology, automatic tooth groove centering and margin automatic distribution technology, with automatic loading and unloading system can make the machine tool machining efficiency has been greatly improved.

Technical Parameters
Worm GrindingForming millsYKS7215
Processing outer diameter:Φ12~Φ250Φ12~Φ250Φ12~Φ150
Module of workpiece:0.5~4mm0.5~5mm0.5~4mm
Maximum tooth width:180(straight tooth)mm180mm180(straight tooth)mm
Maximum helix angle:±45º±45º±45º
Grinding wheel grinding line speed:Max80m/sMax63m/sMax80m/s
Workpiece spindle speed:Max1700rpmMax1700rpmMax3000rpm
Grinding Wheel Specifications: Φ275×160×Φ160Φ160×25×Φ50.8Φ275×160/125×Φ160

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