YKA2260-Spiral bevel gear milling machine

Product Introduction
YKA2260 is a six-axis and six-linkage dry, wet-cutting, full-function full-CNC helical bevel gear machine tool, which can process various spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears with high precision and high efficiency such as extended cycloid and arc shrinkage teeth. The milling accuracy reaches the 5-level accuracy specified in the accuracy standard of GB11365-89 bevel gears and hypoid gears, and the roughness of the tooth surface can reach Ra1.6. This machine is a high-end processing equipment for spiral bevel gears to meet the requirements of high-end customers.

1. The machine tool structure with high rigidity of vertical gantry, stable and reliable performance, and high machining accuracy;
2. The workpiece spindle and the tool spindle are both high-rigidity electric spindles directly driven by high-torque motors;
3. Dry cutting work efficiency is high, environmental protection and energy saving, and processing cost is low;
4. Zero distance up and down the workpiece, the periphery of the machine tool is neat and clear.
Product function configuration:
1. The machine tool has the function of milling, extending the cycloid, and other high teeth and arc teeth, shrinking teeth, and making spiral bevel gears;
2. High-speed dry cutting function;
3. Equipped with helical bevel gear HCS processing control software integrated in 840D SL CNC system;
4. The machine adopts a full closed-loop control mode, and all linear axes are equipped with high-precision linear gratings, and all rotary axes are equipped with high-precision angle encoders;
5. The machine tool adopts a clamp system with disc spring clamping and hydraulic relaxation, and is equipped with clamping detection function;
6. The machine tool has the function of automatic tool setting and milling allowance distribution;
7. Fault prompt with help system;
8. The machine tool is equipped with comprehensive safety protection (including emergency retreat, power-off retreat, power protection, and temperature protection);
9. Automatic loading and unloading function (optional).

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