YK8425A CNC Gear Squeezing Machine

The machine tool is mainly used for the processing of automobile synchronizer gear set inverted conical teeth and external teeth inverted conical teeth, with excellent performance, easy to operate and so on, it is the gear industry, large and medium batch production as well as the production of assembly line is more ideal supporting equipment.

◆ The machine can finish the processing of a large number of bevel teeth with only one adjustment, and is capable of fine adjustment of the depth of feed and the amount of forward and reverse rotation angle.
◆ Compared with the traditional hobbing machine, the precision and roughness have been qualitatively improved.
◆ It has high cost performance.
2.Main technical specifications
Maximum rolling pressure80KN
Maximum workpiece diameter (internal teeth)φ250
Center distance between wheel and workpiece when extruding external teeth150-120mm
Outer circle of extruding wheel (extruding internal tooth)φ280mm
Workpiece tray φ300mm in the case of internal gear extrusionφ300mm
Maximum workpiece module0~6mm
Vertical cylinder stroke0~190mm

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