YK7280 Multifunctional Gear Grinding Machine

YK7280 CNC multi-function gear grinding machine adopts continuous spreading method and molding method of grinding, is a new generation of large-size composite gear grinding machine, suitable for locomotives, wind power, petrochemical industry, metallurgy and mining, machine tool national key projects and industries on high-precision precision machining of gear rims.

The main features and functions of the machine tool :
1. Continuous spreading and molding method grinding function – different grinding methods can be selected according to the characteristics of gears.
2. Automatic grinding cycle
3. Automatic dressing cycle
4. Software system – man-machine operation interface and parameterized grinding software.
5. Automatic margin distribution
6. On-machine testing – gear precision can be tested on-machine
7. Tooth shape and tooth direction trimming – can realize the requirements of designing tooth profile and designing helix.
8.Vertical layout

Technical Parameters

Diameter of workpiece tooth top circle: Φ200-Φ800mm
Maximum tooth width of workpiece: 500mm
Workpiece module
Continuous spreading grinding: 2-10mm
Form grinding: 20mm
Workpiece helix angle: ±45&deg.

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