YK7240 CNC Worm Wheel Grinding Machine

Machine overview: YK7240 CNC worm gear grinding machine is a new structure of high-efficiency and high-precision gear grinding machine with eleven-axis five linkage function. The machine strives to improve the performance of the machine to a new level through the new structural layout, advanced transmission technology and drive technology, with perfect automatic tool setting technology, automatic loading and unloading technology, high-speed grinding technology, and greatly improve the grinding efficiency of the machine.
The machine tool adopts the principle of continuous development of involute worm wheel and workpiece for conjugate transmission grinding of workpiece, which is suitable for precision grinding of large quantities of involute cylindrical gears in automobile and construction machinery industries.

High-efficiency grinding: The use of multi-head worm gears with a linear speed of 63m/s and the continuous displacement grinding function realizes rapid grinding of workpieces with large feeds, which doubles the grinding efficiency.
Full-automatic control: Using the multi-channel control platform provided by SIEMNS 840D control system, the machine can flexibly control eleven numerical control axes to realize full-automatic control of the whole machining process from automatic clamping of workpieces, automatic tool setting, automatic grinding to automatic dressing of grinding wheels, thus realizing unmanned operation in the true sense of the word.
Multiple grinding options: The machine tool has manual grinding mode, manual clamping automatic grinding mode and fully automatic grinding mode. In manual grinding mode, the clamping and relaxation of workpiece chuck and the termination of grinding wheel feeding can be manually intervened, which can be used for single-piece gear grinding; automatic grinding mode is used for batch gear grinding.
High-precision grinding: Utilizing advanced direct drive technology and software electronic gearbox (EG) technology, precision dressing of grinding wheels and high-precision grinding of workpieces can be realized.
Tooth shape and tooth direction dressing: tooth shape dressing can be made into a special diamond roller according to the user’s requirements; tooth direction dressing can be processed into the required shape by linking the radial feed axis of the CNC-controlled column and the axial feed axis of the slide.
Automatic adjustment of the position of the cooling nozzle: it can ensure that the coolant enters the grinding zone accurately with the change of the diameter of the grinding wheel, which is conducive to the improvement of the grinding surface quality.
Automatic loading and unloading: the workpiece can be automatically clamped by two parallel mechanical clamps, which reduces the intensity of machine operation and saves auxiliary time (this function is optional).
Automatic tool setting: It can realize automatic centering of tooth groove of workpiece and automatic distribution of allowance, which can simplify the operation of machine tool and improve the machining efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Maximum outer diameter of workpiece: Φ400mm
Minimum root diameter of workpiece: Φ20mm
Module of workpiece:1~6 mm
Number of teeth of workpiece: 8~400
Pressure angle of workpiece: 15°~25°.
Workpiece helix angle:±45°
Workpiece tooth width (maximum spur gear): 300mm
Maximum workpiece weight (including fixture): 120kg

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