YK7236A CNC Worm Wheel Grinding Machine


Technical Parameters

1、Workpiece specifications
Maximum outer diameter of workpiece: Φ360 mm
Minimum root diameter of workpiece: Φ20 mm
Module of workpiece:1~6 mm
Number of teeth of workpiece:12~260
Pressure angle of workpiece(with standard roller):15°~23°.
Workpiece helix angle:±45°
Workpiece tooth width (maximum spur gear): 190 mm
Maximum weight of workpiece including fixture: 60 Kg
2、Main Parameters
Distance between center of head and tailstock: 180~420 mm
Distance from the center of grinding wheel to the center of workpiece center: 180~440 mm
Grinding wheel specification: Φ400×Φ203×100mm
Spindle speed of grinding wheel
Grinding: 1000~1650 rpm
Dressing: 38.4 rpm
Workpiece spindle (C-axis)
Rotation speed : Synchronized tracking of wheel spindle
Resolution :0.0001° ■Workpiece holder (Z-axis)
Workpiece holder (Z-axis)
Maximum stroke : 200 mm
Resolution : 0.0001
Working speed: 8~200 mm/min
Rotating angle of workpiece holder (A-axis): ±45°
Grinding wheel holder (X-axis)
Maximum travel: 260 mm
Rapid traverse: 40 mm
Resolution: 0.0001
Column tangential displacement (Y-axis)
Total amount: 90 mm
Resolution: 0.0001
Travel of dresser along grinding wheel spindle
Axial: 165 mm
Radial: 85 mm
Workpiece spindle taper: Mohs 3
Tailstock center taper: Mohs 3
Total power of machine motor: 30 KVA

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