YH3115CNC/YH3120CNC CNC dry cutting gear hobbing machine

The machine tool is mainly suitable for the gear processing of motorcycles, passenger cars, instruments, electric tools, general machinery, reducer and other industries, with high cost performance. The machining accuracy of the machine can reach GB/T10095.1-2008 standard level 6 (the actual machining accuracy is subject to the technical agreement signed with the user).

Machine tool main performance, features:

  ◆The machine tool is a six-axis four-linkage dry cutting gear hobbing machine, which is green, environmentally friendly and efficient.     ◆The vertical layout of radial feed movement is completed by horizontal movement of the column, and efficient gear hobbing is realized.

◆Compact structure, small footprint, equipped with a fully sealed shield, chip protection, dry cooling system, to achieve high-speed dry cutting gear processing.

◆YH3115CNC/YH3120CNC machine tool and workpiece spindle using direct drive transmission, YA3118CNC machine tool and workpiece spindle using gear pair transmission; The two main axes of the machine tool and the workpiece are supported by rolling bearings to meet the needs of high-speed dry cutting.

◆Optional single machine automation and a variety of connection interfaces to meet user automation, flexible production needs.

◆YH3115CNC is equipped with domestic CNC system, YA3118CNC/YH3120CNC machine tool can be equipped with Siemens system and FANUC system.

Main technical and specification parameters of machine tool:
Serial numberMain technical specificationParameter specification
1Maximum workpiece diametermm150200
2Maximum workpiece modulusmm46
3Maximum turning Angle of the tool holder±45°±45°
4Maximum speed of hob spindler/min25002300
5Maximum speed of tabler/min300250
6Max. tool size (diameter × length)mmΦ110×180Φ130×230
7Maximum axial movement of hobmm150180
8Distance from hob center to table center of rotationmm15-19530-230
9Distance from hob center to tablemm200-470185-485

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