Y(D)4232CNC CNC shaving machine

Machine tool main performance, features:
  ◆The machine tool is 1~2 axis CNC shaving machine, the razor rotation is driven by the frequency converter controlled by the frequency conversion spindle motor, and the system program automatically realizes the stepless speed change and direction change.
  ◆The CNC axis of the machine tool is driven by digital servo motor and ball screw, with high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy and stable machining accuracy.
  ◆The machine tool is equipped with a drum and taper adjusting mechanism, and is supported by a double-supported linear rolling guide rail. Adjust with a ruler and dial indicator, the adjustment operation is simple.
  ◆The machine can be optional with automatic loading and unloading mechanism to realize automatic continuous processing and meet the automation needs.
Main technical and specification parameters of machine tool:
Serial numberMain technical specificationParameter specification
Y (D) 4232CNC1Y (D) 4232CNC2
1Maximum workpiece diametermm320
2Maximum workpiece modulusmmShaft shaving 6(8), diameter shaving 4(6)
3Razor speed ranger/min50-400
4Table feed speedmm/min15-4001-500
5Radial feed velocitymm/min0.2-500
6Maximum tool diametermm240

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