YD3608CNC Horizontal dry cutting CNC gear hobbing machine

Machine tool main performance, features:
  ◆YD3608CNC host part of the seven-axis CNC, four-axis linkage CNC horizontal dry cutting gear hobbing machine.
  ◆The B-axis of the main movement of the machine tool adopts the direct drive spindle motor, the C-axis adopts the built-in torque motor of the direct drive, and the rest of the movement axes are driven by AC servo motor, and the “electronic gear box” is used to achieve indexing movement and differential compensation.
  ◆Can achieve hard tooth surface scraping processing and small modulus (m<1.5) gear after hot (HRC<52) direct hobbing processing.
  ◆The machine tool is equipped with Siemens 828D numerical control system, and the machine tool has a fully enclosed external shield and internal shield, and the fully enclosed internal shield ensures that the hobbing area is completely independent. The linear moving parts of the machine tool adopt imported high-precision and high-rigidity linear guide rails. Ball screw pair adopts high precision screw, and adopts high precision, high rigidity bearing support, the machine rigidity is good, very suitable for high-speed and efficient cutting.
Main technical specifications, parameters
itemunitSpecification parameter
Maximum workpiece diametermm80
Maximum modulusmm3
Distance between tool axis and tablemm130~430
Distance between tool axis and table axismm10~110
Maximum turning Angle of the tool holder°±60
Tool maximum axial channeling distancemm100
Max. tool size (diameter × length)mm80×120
Distance from tailstock center to work surfacemm210~510
Spindle speed range (stepless)rpm50~2200
Maximum speed of tablerpm300
Maximum radial moving speedmm/min6000
Maximum axial moving speedmm/min9000
Gross machine weightkg5000kg

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