YD3180/YD31125CNC Large CNC gear hobbing machine

Machine tool main performance, features:

  ◆The machine tool is a six-axis four-linkage large CNC gear hobbing machine.     ◆The machine is fixed by the workbench, and the column is moved to complete the vertical layout of radial feed. The machine has a fully enclosed guard, oil mist collection device, automatic chip removal device, and optional automatic workpiece clamping device.

◆The main shaft of the hob is driven by high precision gear, and the worktable is driven by double worm gear. Radial and axial feed axes are supported by rectangular steel insert guide rail and rolling guide rail block; The whole machine has high precision and good rigidity.

◆The machine is suitable for high efficiency machining of high speed coating hob and carbide blade hob; For large modulus gear, the machine tool can adopt disk milling cutter and hob once clamping to realize rough milling and fine rolling process.

Main technical and specification parameters of machine tool:
Serial numberMain technical specificationParameter specification
1Maximum workpiece diametermm8001250
2Maximum workpiece modulusmm2727
3Maximum turning Angle of the tool holder±45°±45°
4Maximum speed of hob spindler/min260260
5Maximum speed of tabler/min2416
6Max. tool size (diameter × length)mmΦ350×450Φ350×500
7Maximum axial movement of hobmm380400
8Distance from hob center to table center of rotationmm100-600100-850
9Distance from hob center to tablemm400-1400400-1400
10Table bearingT1010
11Main motor powerKW4343

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